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If you don't think getting fit is FUN then you are going through the journey with the WRONG people and the WRONG mindset! It's time to re-train your brain and get LIFE LONG results!

How I got started

I got married in Kauai, Hawaii in May 2015. I wanted to get in the BEST shape possible for my wedding! I tried *SO MANY* different workout programs (some free and some cost money). It was time consuming and the results did not match my hard work. I eventually discovered flex dieting + resistance training! It has changed my life! The workouts are short and effective. I never thought I could have ABS! I store fat (very quickly) in my gut so I thought abs were impossible for me! BUT in just a few short weeks, I was getting ab lines! I am constantly researching new products, workout strategies, and nutrition education to make sure I'm doing the most EFFECTIVE strategy out there. I decided to become a health & fitness coach to spread my knowledge and to prevent others from becoming frustrated and discouraged. Getting fit is fun as long as you're doing it with the right people AND doing a program that WORKS!
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Click Below so I can contact you!

Click Below so I can contact you!
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☆ Krista Abel: Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist ☆

Friday, April 6, 2018

Start Today!!

I am a Sports Nutrition Specialist!

I coach individuals towards healthier lifestyles by increasing their energy, metabolism, confidence, and happiness by educating, motivating, and 
inspiring positive changes. 

I LOVE to eat. 

I also know that getting fit is:
80% nutrition 
and only 20% physical.

I don't like to give up my favorites dishes (or drinks) to get fit. Lots of programs restrict you from eating foods you love. No thanks!

I became a Sports Nutrition Specialist so I can calculate MACRO's (protein, carb, & fat) intakes for individuals specifically. I offer this service to my most advanced clients which are individuals who have worked out and dieted for years. They may be considering competing. 

My intermediate and beginner clients: 
I recommend strategies based off your current activity level, current nutrition, and your specific goals. I work with you to implement methods so that you can reach your goals as fast as possible, in as little time as possible but in a healthy way. I will motivate, educate, and encourage you over the entire course of the program. This service is provided for free. Email me about this service. I can't wait to help you! 

Click here to get my FREE COACHING  

If you are an advanced individual:
I can provide a CUSTOMIZED nutrition program that will fit your lifestyle, incorporate foods you love, and get you to your goals fast AND in a healthy way!

Getting fit is a journey, not a race. 

Along the way I will help you with various tools, templates, and strategies that you can use EVERY DAY 
to help you reach your goals.

The goal for getting fit is: 
to eat as much food as possible 
while reaching your goals.


-Nutrition is the building block of ALL activities and ALL your bodily functions!

-Nutrition gives you energy to do the things you love AND complete your daily tasks. 

-Nutrition can make you feel great and look great.

-Nutrition can promote muscle growth, fat loss, & increase your metabolism.

As your coach, I will provide you with various tools (templates, diagrams, mental exercises, research, self-development, confidence boosting, goal setting, methods to execute your strategy, and so much more) to help you reach your health & fitness goals while improving your happiness and confidence. 

I NEVER want "getting fit" to get in the way of your passions, so I've created the program to be CUSTOMIZED to you specifically so you can enjoy life to the fullest WHILE reaching your goals.

I offer the following programs! Details are listed below.

Nutrition Options Available:

4 week program: $100.00
8 week program: $190.00
12 week program: $280.00

--Add $50.00 to any package above to enroll in weekly (half hour) phone calls with me personally.

*I will calculate your specific MACRO's (The combination of protein, carbs, and fat) that you should be eating every day based off your goals & lifestyle.

*I will calculate your specific calorie needs based off your current activity & lifestyle and adjust them to match your desired goals.

*You will be provided recommendations on how to adjust your current MACRO's so that you can reach your goals in a fast but healthy way while being able to eat foods that you enjoy.

*I will customize the number of meals to fit your lifestyle.

*I will set up your myfitnesspal account to reflect your MACRO goals for the day.

*I will teach you how to quickly and accurately track your MACROs so you can begin to enjoy the foods you love while reaching your goals.

*I will provide PRE and POST workout meal ideas so you can maximize the benefits of your workouts.

*I will suggest supplements based off your goals (if you are interested in using them to speed up your results).

*I will recommend workout programs that align with your goals.

*You are allowed to include treat meals into your day if it fits your MACROs.

*Weekly email check-ins: Every Monday you are to provide a progress picture (I will keep them confidential) and updates about your physical, mental, and energy differences. We will work together to adjust your plan every week to maximize your results. You must be honest with me so I can make sure we are adjusting your plan accurately. I will take into account indulgences and treats when recalculating your MACRO's for the next week.

*Each progress picture will be compared to the previous pictures and I will SHOW you the progress you've made.

*I will provide unlimited email support. I have LOTS of tips & tricks about how to reach your goals, how to stay motivated, how to make meal prep easy, and how to fight urges. 

*I will provide tools to help you stay on track. These tools are helpful and can be used anywhere. They help you gain mental strength, provide education, keep you motivated, and allow you to evaluate your actions on a large scale. 

*Getting fit is also a mental toughness. I will help you develop positive mental strategies to help you reach your goals and build confidence. You are welcome to ask me ANYTHING, anytime! I am always here for you!!

*I provide my personal workout routine to all my clients. Working out is NOT REQUIRED as part of the program, but I extend this offer exclusively to my clients only. They all receive my workout guide which includes my workout day splits, the exercises I do, video links to explain the workouts, the ideal set & rep range, the ideal weight, and MY TOP WORKOUT TIPS! It also covers abs, cardio, and pre & post workout nutrition topics.

Also - I am willing to work with you to modify the package to include or exclude certain services. :) I truly want all my clients to get the BEST RESULTS possible, so I am very flexible with my packages.

Ready to start?! YAY! I'm so excited for you! You will LOVE your results!

Email me at:


☆ I accept payments through: Paypal or Venmo. I also accept credit cards but charge a $5.00 processing fee.

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