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If you don't think getting fit is FUN then you are going through the journey with the WRONG people and the WRONG mindset! It's time to re-train your brain and get LIFE LONG results!

How I got started

I got married in Kauai, Hawaii in May 2015. I wanted to get in the BEST shape possible for my wedding! I tried *SO MANY* different workout programs (some free and some cost money). It was time consuming and the results did not match my hard work. I eventually discovered flex dieting + resistance training! It has changed my life! The workouts are short and effective. I never thought I could have ABS! I store fat (very quickly) in my gut so I thought abs were impossible for me! BUT in just a few short weeks, I was getting ab lines! I am constantly researching new products, workout strategies, and nutrition education to make sure I'm doing the most EFFECTIVE strategy out there. I decided to become a health & fitness coach to spread my knowledge and to prevent others from becoming frustrated and discouraged. Getting fit is fun as long as you're doing it with the right people AND doing a program that WORKS!
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Click Below so I can contact you!
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Change Your Life in 3 Days

Ready to change your life in 3 days?

Here's the thing, making changes requires you to CHANGE your actions/choices.

Change REQUIRES change.

In only 3 days, you can make or break habits. 

Day 1 will be the hardest.
Day 2 might suck.
Day 3 you begin to realize that the change is worth it.
Day 4 you probably won't want to go back to your previous behavior(s).

-Some people drink to unwind after a long day of work. Don't drink for 3 days.

-Some people eat when they are stressed out. Do another activity instead of eating during these times for 3 days.

-Some people call themselves ugly or don't believe in themselves. Tell yourself you are incredible, unstoppable, and capable of anything for 3 days whenever you find yourself saying negative things.

-Some people put others down. Instead, compliment the person based off their STRENGTHS. Ignore their flaws and realize that you have flaws too and wouldn't like others pointing them out to you. Do this for 3 days.

Let me know if this worked for you guys! It works for me!!

By day 4, I REALLY want to keep my behavior going! The hardest part is getting over the 3 day hump. Once you realize that you CAN DO IT - it's exciting to keep the streak going!
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Monday, July 17, 2017

The Scale Lies

The Scale Lies:

Here is a REAL LIFE example of how the scale lies to you and really doesn't demonstrate your progress AND the importance of taking progress pictures instead of relying on this P.O.S. 

Left side: Woke up, went to the bathroom. then weighed myself.

Right side: Drank 2 TBS apple cider vinegar with warm water. Drank Pre-workout. Drank BCAAs then weighed myself again within a half hour of the first time.



According to this picture, I gained a significant amount of weight in only a half hour! It's ALL water weight!

So many people get caught up on the scale and get depressed or frustrated when it doesn't budge. SO what! There are SO many factors that go into "weight."

In order to tell if you've been making progress, you want to track other things like: non scale victories, increases in strength/endurance, lower percents of body fat, faster metabolism, AND THE WAY YOU LOOK!

Take progress pictures EVERY week. Same day of the week, same time in the morning, after the SAME routine -- every time! That's how you can truly see how far you've come OR if you've hit a plateau and need to adjust.

Progress pics don't have to be a complicated thing. Set up a camera in the same spot, pose the same way, take the picture, store it on your phone, then do it again a week later and compare! Easy!

I absolutely LOVE helping others by educating them about fitness, health, and nutrition! There are SO many misconceptions out there and so many things that can make you discouraged and feeling down about yourself.

I am here to give you the truth, the facts, and uplift your self-confidence by helping you realize that YOU ARE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE!

Everyone has a different journey and different struggles throughout. BUT TOGETHER, we can accomplish anything! 

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Secret Tips! Stay Lean + Build Muscle

Secret tips! 

How do I stay lean AND build muscle?

-Having a SPOT ON nutrition program that fits my lifestyle, my body type, and my goals.I get to eat anything I want so I don't feel "limited, guilty, or like I'm dieting." It's fun to eat what you want AND reach your goals.

What workouts do I do?

-Getting fit is only 20% physical. It's 80% nutrition!! So, first and FOREMOST, I focus on my nutrition. If I am too busy to workout, that's okay. I know I'm still getting awesome results just by eating properly! When I do workout - I make it fun! I mix things up so my body keeps guessing. I don't let it develop muscle memory! I work really hard on isolating each muscle that I am targeting. I struggle with my lats and hamstrings. I have dominate biceps and quads so it takes extra concentration for me to make sure I'm hitting the targeted muscle and not letting my dominate muscles kick in.

What's your #1 tip for a beginner?

-JUST DO IT. Get moving, start eating right, get rid of sh!+ in your diet OR track your MACROs so you can still eat sh!+ but are budgeting it into the grand picture! Nutrition and fitness can become SO technical (that's why I love it! I LOVE science and learning) but overall, you want a program that:

*Aligns with your goals

*You enjoy doing
*Is sustainable in the long run
*Yields results in a timely manner

Consistency is key and the smallest steps add up to HUGE differences over time!

I work really closely with my clients to make sure they are on track. I send them emails, texts, and voice mails to provide them with extra tips, motivation, accountability or inspiration.

The journey can seem confusing and difficult at first. That's why I am there EVERY STEP OF THE WAY for my clients  They mean the world to me and I want nothing more than for them to reach their goals EVEN if that means putting mine on hold sometimes to make sure they are getting every ounce of my attention and coaching WHEN they need it.

If you think I'd be a great coach for you - get hold of me!
I can't wait to hear from you  

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