*Fitness is a Journey*

If you don't think getting fit is FUN then you are going through the journey with the WRONG people and the WRONG mindset! It's time to re-train your brain and get LIFE LONG results!

How I got started

I got married in Kauai, Hawaii in May 2015. I wanted to get in the BEST shape possible for my wedding! I tried *SO MANY* different workout programs (some free and some cost money). It was time consuming and the results did not match my hard work. I eventually discovered flex dieting + resistance training! It has changed my life! The workouts are short and effective. I never thought I could have ABS! I store fat (very quickly) in my gut so I thought abs were impossible for me! BUT in just a few short weeks, I was getting ab lines! I am constantly researching new products, workout strategies, and nutrition education to make sure I'm doing the most EFFECTIVE strategy out there. I decided to become a health & fitness coach to spread my knowledge and to prevent others from becoming frustrated and discouraged. Getting fit is fun as long as you're doing it with the right people AND doing a program that WORKS!
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Click Below so I can contact you!

Click Below so I can contact you!
If I can do this, I KNOW YOU CAN!

☆ Krista Abel: Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist ☆


I couldn't be more proud of my clients! 


You are all 
as is.

However, I also I know that you are all SO much happier now with your increased energy, positive self-image, and amazing friends you met along your journey.


A special cheers and thanks to you for being confident, brave, and strong. Your transformations will change lives forever. You all inspire me.

This is my favorite transformation.
These results are from ONE WEEK of tracking MACROs. The week of 8/3/17 - 8/10/17 was this client's first week and this is what she was capable of in only 1 week:
I adjusted her calories down by only 176 calories. She is currently breast feeding so we kept her fat intake high so her supply would stay healthy and consistent. She only did a couple sessions of yoga during this week. She got to eat foods she enjoyed and even have wine. I am beyond proud of this client. She is going to do great things in the future! I can't wait to continue coaching her!

I loved working with this client! She is such a fun person!
Check out the awesome results she got in only 4 weeks!! She got these results by following her MACROs which were calculated to align with her goal (tone up, lose fat, & gain energy). She was most excited about the way she FEELS energy-wise. I am so excited to watch her transformation continue to unfold. I know she is capable of incredible things!

This client packed on muscle while losing fat:
Full Body Before: 
Full Body After (20 days later):
Flex Before AND After:

I love this transformation too:
Check out how much muscle she gained while shredding fat!
Full Body Before AND After:
Face Before AND After                                             Flex Before AND After
Full Body Before AND After:
Full Body Before AND After:

This client is unstoppable! Love her transformation!
Full Body Before AND After

I have never met someone as determined as this client.
She built lots of muscle while losing fat.
Full Body Before, During AND After
....And she continued! Getting fit becomes a lifestyle. Check out these biceps and her ab lines!
I couldn't be more proud.

This client is awesome. Look at her transformation from ONLY 20 days!:
Full Body Before AND After:
And now she's training for a bikini competition! I'm SO proud of her!
Full Body Before AND In-progress. 

This challenger adjusted her diet and got these results after only 3 days!:
I love the caption she made with her picture below. She has a great sense of humor and now a flat stomach! 

More Testimonies:

Most of you have probably already read about my journey and WHY I became a coach -- basically I didn't wan't people to waste their time and money on programs that don't work well. I want to PREVENT the frustration and stop others from feeling like a failure when it comes to reaching health & fitness goals!

There are so many "One size fits all" diets and workouts plans out there!  I became a MACRO's Coach (Sports Nutrition Specialist) to help EVERY ONE find the nutrition plan & workouts that fit them personally! It's time to stop thinking that you ARE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! It's not true! Everyone has different genetics and different histories! Everyone has a different starting place AND not all goals are obtained in the same way!

Getting fit is 80% nutrition and only 20% physical!

I love helping people customize their nutrition so they can meet their goals FAST and have the optimal amount of energy, mental clarity, and strength for every day activities. I'm all about living life the to FULLEST and helping others feel good about the way they look & the way they feel!

I hit my lowest {not talking about on the scale!} point 1 year after I moved to Southern Illinois. The craziest part was, I didn't EVEN KNOW how much I let my life and habits slip. One day Ryan and I went hiking through the Garden of Gods and took some sweet pics. Lots of selfies! I couldn't WAIT to go home and edit the photos (you KNOW I love photography). When I got home I uploaded the pictures and patiently waited for lightroom to open. As I imported the pictures, I realized, I HATED them all!! That girl wasn't me!! That didn't even LOOK like me! I was SO disgusted that I deleted the majority of all my pictures the first year I lived in Southern Illinios (or strategically cropped them above the waist haha). I was embarrassed & ashamed. I did not feel confident, happy, or anywhere NEAR sexy. I KNEW SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE. 
After many failed attempts at other programs, I felt defeated. It wasn't until I met some AMAZING health & fitness coaches (now some of my best friends) that I found a way to get in shape fast and through SIMPLE methods.

Before my wedding I did one challenge and lost about 15 pounds in 1 month! That's awesome!! THEN I went to Hawaii and drank LOTS of Blue Hawiians, Lava Flows, and pretty much every other HIGH SUGAR drink there.
Oh -- and we ate tons. WORTH IT!
{{Here's the proof:}}

When I got back from our wedding/honeymoon, I was super excited to get started on the program again! OMG, in 30 days I got ABS!!!! I shed my honeymoon weight THEN surpassed what I even thought was possible. It amazes me how much working out each day, for only a half hour, plus eating clean 80% of the time can do to your body!

Ever since then, the rest is history! I decided to become a Fitness Coach & Sports Nutrition Specialist to change the lives of others!

I hope you will consider allowing me to help you along your journey!

My First ever challenge!!!

 A picture from "the hike in the woods" compared to now 

Couldn't believe it.. these are a size 3

You can see it in my face SO much!

Not going to lie, SUPER PROUD of this! A picture after my 
honeymoon in Hawaii after only 1 challenge. I know I look thin in both, but I know how I FEEL in the right side picture! I have WAY MORE ENERGY so I can live life more fully.

My Transformation after adjusting my diet for only 3 days:

This is me. Nice to meet you. I am extremely
happy with myself. Please do not mistake it for
conceded. I have learned to love myself throughout
this amazing journey. 

**You never know what you're capable of until you TRY**
I would love to help you get the program that fits your goals and gets you the fastest results!


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