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If you don't think getting fit is FUN then you are going through the journey with the WRONG people and the WRONG mindset! It's time to re-train your brain and get LIFE LONG results!

How I got started

I got married in Kauai, Hawaii in May 2015. I wanted to get in the BEST shape possible for my wedding! I tried *SO MANY* different workout programs (some free and some cost money). It was time consuming and the results did not match my hard work. I eventually discovered flex dieting + resistance training! It has changed my life! The workouts are short and effective. I never thought I could have ABS! I store fat (very quickly) in my gut so I thought abs were impossible for me! BUT in just a few short weeks, I was getting ab lines! I am constantly researching new products, workout strategies, and nutrition education to make sure I'm doing the most EFFECTIVE strategy out there. I decided to become a health & fitness coach to spread my knowledge and to prevent others from becoming frustrated and discouraged. Getting fit is fun as long as you're doing it with the right people AND doing a program that WORKS!
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Click Below so I can contact you!

Click Below so I can contact you!
If I can do this, I KNOW YOU CAN!

☆ Krista Abel: Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist ☆

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Isn't that NUTS?!

Isn't this nuts???

Healthy fats are good - but just remember, they ARE CALORIE DENSE! 

It surprises me how often magazines, websites, advertisements, and companies say something is "healthy" but doesn't say WHY or HOW MUCH is healthy.

Ever grab a handful of nuts? -- LOL.. Wow that sounds bad!
Ever reach for seconds? .. maybe thirds?

Well, sources are CORRECT. Nuts are healthy and a great source of protein and healthy fat BUT they are VERY calorie dense. So most people will over eat this item because it doesn't fill you up as much as other food items.

Nuts are a great portable snack. Depending on how much healthy fats you need in your diet on a daily basis, they could be a good option for you.

Remember, healthy fats are necessary to promote healthy hormones and brain processes. Eating fat will not make you fat unless you over eat it.

Also remember that the calories per gram in fat is more than DOUBLE the calories per 1 gram of protein OR CARBS.


Protein: 1 gram is 4 calories
Carbs: 1 gram is 4 calories
Fats: 1 gram is 9 calories

So the next time you read that something is "healthy" for you -- always remember that they mean in MODERATION and you should always do your own research before accepting their conclusions.

Want to learn more about nutrition?
Email me! I'm a Sports Nutrition Specialist!
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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

One Pound at a Time

Are you too caught up with comparing yourself to others and thinking negative about yourself?

Please stop doing that.

It is not productive.
It won't help you reach your goals faster.
It negatively effects others around you.
You could develop hurtful habits doing so.

What to do instead:
-Notice small changes in your body, strength, energy, and attitude.

-Tell yourself 3 things you admire about yourself.

-Remember that social media models are not showing / telling you everything. 

-Know that no one's life is perfect, even if it looks like it in pictures. 

-Respect yourself.

-No one has been through the same struggles or has the same genetics as you. 

-Believe in yourself.

-Tell yourself you can. 

-Don't make excuses.

Stay consistent and positive. 

Your body will reward you.

Need help? Email me! Krista_abel3@hotmail.com

Take each day at a time...

If I can do it -- you can too.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


This transformation is my favorite yet:

This is only ONE WEEK of MACRO tracking for my client. This is her results from 8/3/17-8/10/17 (Her first week following my nutrition program. She did a couple sessions of yoga. She is currently breastfeeding).

How cool is this? I couldn't be more proud!
This is why I LOVE coaching people to their goals. It is the BEST feeling ever to wake up and get messages like this every day 

How did she do it?
-She has me as her coach. I am always here for her, 24/7
-I calculated her MACROs based off her current diet and adjusted it to align with her goals
-I reduced her calories by only 176
-This is proof that tracking MACROs makes a difference

I am so excited to see what this woman is capable of. She is making me so proud! Her husband can't believe the results! Since she's been fueling her body properly, she still gets to enjoy foods she loves (EVEN WINE) and get results like this!

 Can't wait for what the future holds for this client!

Ready to start?
email me! krista_abel3@hotmail.com
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Sugar Cravings

My tips to overcome sugar cravings!

1. I budget for it REALISTICALLY in my MACROs. That means... If I want a brownie, I know I'll probably have 3. So I budget for what I think I'll ACTUALLY eat (3), not 1.

2.I chew gum after the sweets! It keeps my brain preoccupied from saying "MORE, MORE. MORE, MORE..." 

3. OR I avoid it completely so that I don't have to fight the urges of wanting more than one.

4. I drink lots of water AFTER I eat the sweets.

5. I use sugar free items: sugar free jello, stevia, sugar free syrup.... it helps me have a low caloric intake while STILL having the sweet taste.

6. I try to avoid artificial sugar throughout the day (as long as I'm not craving it) because even the smallest amounts can leave the sugary taste lingering in my mouth making me want MORE.

Try these out and see if it helps you reduce your daily sugar intake!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Vision Board

Having difficulties staying motivated?

Try making a vision board!

How to:
  • Find images, quotes, role models, or anything else that motivates you and create a collage with these items!
  • I created mine at www.picmonkey.com
  • Display your vision board! (Hang it on your wall, make it your phone's background, put it next to your mirror, display it where you'll see it the most!)
  • Let the vision board inspire, motivate, and PUSH you to your goals

My vision board:

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Be Positive.

I am beautiful.
I respect myself.
I encourage myself to be a better person.
I grow each day.
I let my experiences shape me.
I am proud of myself.

We spend SO much time talking negative to ourselves!

You should SEE what you're capable of when you start to love yourself and tell yourself that "YOU CAN" instead of "you can't" or "you're not good enough."

Let amazing things happen in your life.

Start believing in yourself RIGHT NOW!!

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Exhale the Bull$hi+

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Stop doing endless research on how to get results. 

Stop comparing yourself to others.


START being active.

START eating right.

START listening to your body 
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Best Version of Me


Ever since I LEARNED how to calculate my MACROs (instead of relying on generic calculators) and LEARNED HOW NUTRITION WORKS -- I've been able to *FINALLY* get the results I've been chasing for years! 👊

The best part:
I'm blowing the calories out of the water!!! I have never been able to EAT THIS MUCH and make gains. CARBS GALORE! 😂

It's all happening SO quickly and it's making me so happy!! 🙃
--My delts are growing (rear delts too!).💪
--My glutes are filling in. 🍑
--My hamstrings are tightening up (helps me look taller, I'm 5'2")
--My energy is game changing!


Need help? 

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My Workout Routine

I put together my entire workout routine 
and sent it to my clients!

Working out is NOT required for the nutrition program.
 Getting fit is 80% nutrition and only 20% physical.

What my clients received: 
-How I split my muscle groups each day
-Insider tips
-Mindset tricks
-Muscle Isolation techniques / strategies
-Links to videos that demonstrate EACH move
-My rep range / weight zones for each move
-Pre & Post nutrition facts

 I was super excited to share it with them since LOTS of people ask about my routine.

If you're looking to get fit and want my coaching, email me!

>> I coach individuals towards healthier lifestyles by increasing their energy, metabolism, confidence, and happiness by educating, motivating, and inspiring positive changes.
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Competing Against Myself

My Deadline:
October 27, 2017
(The Friday before Halloween!)

I don't think I will ever compete in a bikini competition...BUT I want to train as though I was. I am to a point where I am extremely happy with my body BUT want to see what I'm capable of. 

Most competitors follow prep programs that are 4-12 weeks long.

October 27, 2017 is only 80 days away = 11.5 weeks

Goal: to be in the BEST SHAPE of my life by Oct. 27, 2017.
-Lowest body fat percentage
-Most lean muscle mass
-HAPPY, enjoy life, have energy, live life to the fullest still  

Since this is considered a "longer" prep window, I will be able to reach my goal in a healthy, steady, and consistent way. I will be eating about the same as I am now but will be adjusting my MACROs when I hit plateaus.

I have never set a "harsh" deadline for myself. This time, I am! This will help me stay on track, stay focused, and see what I'm capable of!

Who else wants to start the journey with me?!

Halloween will be here before you know it!!!

Tip: If you want to lose fat, you want to be in a SLIGHT caloric deficit. 

*SO: START NOW! Set your calories just a little lower than they are now and the small change will amaze you weeks from now! It's a gradual process BUT it is sustainable and will get you AWESOME results without leaving you hangry or worst of all, ruin your metabolism!

Small changes add up to HUGE difference!
>>> If you want to gain muscle, do the opposite! AND LIFT HEAVY!

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