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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Isn't that NUTS?!

Isn't this nuts???

Healthy fats are good - but just remember, they ARE CALORIE DENSE! 

It surprises me how often magazines, websites, advertisements, and companies say something is "healthy" but doesn't say WHY or HOW MUCH is healthy.

Ever grab a handful of nuts? -- LOL.. Wow that sounds bad!
Ever reach for seconds? .. maybe thirds?

Well, sources are CORRECT. Nuts are healthy and a great source of protein and healthy fat BUT they are VERY calorie dense. So most people will over eat this item because it doesn't fill you up as much as other food items.

Nuts are a great portable snack. Depending on how much healthy fats you need in your diet on a daily basis, they could be a good option for you.

Remember, healthy fats are necessary to promote healthy hormones and brain processes. Eating fat will not make you fat unless you over eat it.

Also remember that the calories per gram in fat is more than DOUBLE the calories per 1 gram of protein OR CARBS.


Protein: 1 gram is 4 calories
Carbs: 1 gram is 4 calories
Fats: 1 gram is 9 calories

So the next time you read that something is "healthy" for you -- always remember that they mean in MODERATION and you should always do your own research before accepting their conclusions.

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